HODLs only business is to identify and carry out an acquisition. The company therefore has an efficient organization consisting of management personnel and the board. In addition, the company has an advisory network, which consists of two people with long experience from the Blockchain industry, Ivan Liljekvist and Stefan Rust

Investment team

The investment team consists of management (CEO and CFO) and the board.

The investment team consists of experienced and competent people. The composition is well balanced to be able to identify and evaluate an attractive target company. The team has many years of experience in investment operations, corporate governance, financing and a broad competence in various industries, including blockchain.

The investment team's experience and network will play an important role in the investment process, partly in the identification of a potential target company, and partly in the decision-making process regarding which company to acquire and on what terms.

The investment team has clear incentives to create value for shareholders. Together, they account for about a third of the total invested capital and also have lock-up agreements on their shares, which will not be released until an acquisition has been approved at the General Meeting.

To support the identification and evaluation of target companies, HODL has a very experienced advisory network.


The management of HODL consists of CEO Vahid Toosi and CFO Sebastian Hjorth.

The board

The board consists of Michaela Berglund (chairwoman), Christoffer De Geer, Johan Kjell and Peter Sigfrid.

Advisory Network

Advisors consists of Ivan Liljeqvist and Stefan Rust.

See under Corporate governance for more information about management, board and advisory network.