Why sell to HODL?

HODL is an attractive buyer or partner for unlisted companies, who want to be listed, with deal certainty and flexible contract structure as well as ownership to meet the seller's specific needs.

HODL should be an attractive buyer for many companies considering a traditional IPO, as the SPAC structure offers great opportunities to structure the acquisition in such a way that it fits most transaction structures.

In addition, it may be of value to the acquired company to gain access to HODL's management and board who have experience from the industry, entrepreneurship, capital allocation, M&A and not least capital markets to improve the company's future growth prospects.

HODL can offer a seller of a company a simpler, more predictable and less complex IPO process, which means that the target company can focus on its core business rather than an IPO process, which can be perceived as very burdensome for the company.

Furthermore, the character of a SPAC offers the opportunity to structure a business in a way that suits the target company:

  • For sellers who are not long-term owners of a company, for example a fund, a traditional IPO might not be ideal because usually only a part of the shares can be sold in connection with the listing. A sale to HODL means an opportunity to sell the entire holding directly,

  • on the other hand, if the seller wants to continue to own shares, HODL uses its own share as payment, which gives the seller the opportunity to keep majority stake in the company. in a listed environment.