Managment, Board of Directors & Advisory Network

Michaela Berglund

Chair woman

Vahid Toosi

CEO & Co-Founder

Sebastian Hjorth


Peter Sigfrid

Co-Founder & Board member

Johan Kjell

Co-Founder & Board member

Christoffer De Geer

Board member

Ivan Liljeqvist


Stefan Rust


Michaela Berglund - Chairwoman

Education: Economics and Marketing at Uppsala University

Michaela Berglund is an active investor, board member and business leader, with extensive experience from various industries and markets. Among other things, she is CEO of Feminvest and has held leading positions in communication and IR for most companies in the growth phase. In recent years, she has primarily worked in technology and finance.

Other assignments

Senior executive and board member of The Future is Female AB, Senior executive Terranet AB, Board member of Small Talk Ab, Mikrofonden Sverige ekonomisk förening and M Berglund Invest.

HODL Ownership: 130 000 shares

Christoffer de Geer - Board Member

Education: MSc in Economics, Lund University.

Christoffer is responsible for products and digital assets at Goobit Group AB (Head of Group Product & Digital Asset Portfolio Management). He has many years of experience in the blockchain industry and is the author of two books on blockchain technology.

Other assignments:

Goobit Group AB, Portfolio Manager for Products and Digital Assets (Head of Group Product & Digital Asset Portfolio Management). Board member of Various Ventures AB, Crypto 21 AB, Blackriver Energy AB.

HODL Ownership: 300.000 shares

Johan Kjell -  Board Member

Education: Master's degree in business administration (Economics program), Lund School of Economics

Johan Kjell has worked with consulting and investments since 2007. He was previously responsible for acquisitions (Head of M&A) at If Skadeförsäkringar and worked in addition to acquisitions with debt financing (Debt Capital Markets, DCM) and establishment in new markets. Prior to that, Kjell worked at Alfred Berg ABN AMRO with corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers (M&A) and IPOs.

Other assignments:

Board assignments in the Expassum Group, Board assignments in the C2 Safety Group and Chairman of the Board of Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB.

HODL Ownership: 1 073 667 shares

Peter Sigfrid - Board Member

Education: Bachelor of Laws, Lund University, Master's degree in Law and Accounting (MSc in Law and Accounting), London School of Economics.

Peter Sigfrid has been working as an advisor and investor since the autumn of 2020. He was previously Investment Manager at Industrivärden with corporate responsibility for e.g. Sandvik, ICA-Gruppen, Handelsbanken and Skanska. Prior to that, he worked at Advokatfirman Vinge with corporate transactions and corporate governance, as well as at Alfred Berg ABN AMRO with corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers (M&A) and IPOs.

Other assignments

Board member of Alator AB. Board member (chairman) of Spacett AB. Deputy in Aspet AB.

HODL Ownership:  872 666 shares

Vahid Toosi - CEO, Board Member

Education: Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Vahid Toosi has started several companies since 2004, ranging from unmanned stores to wireless headphones to energy drinks for women. In recent years, Vahid has worked as an advisor and investor in Blockchain technology for large and small companies.

Other assignments:

Board assignments in PlayPark AB, LeiPass AB, Gray & Gray Invest AB, Executive Coach at SSE Business Lab at the Stockholm School of Economics. Adviser to the President of Liberland.

HODL Ownership: 1 073 667 shares

Sebastian Hjorth - CFO

Education: File. Bachelor of Business Administration from Stockholm University

Sebastian Hjorth is a consultant in finance and financial management. Since 2019, he runs Ace of Spades as an accounting and consulting firm through which he works as a hired CFO in several companies. Sebastian has had a number of jobs with a similar focus since 2005.

Other assignments

Owner and board member of Ace of Spades Finance AB, through which Sebastian, among other things, has assignments as interim CFO in QP Games.

HODL Ownership: Sebastian does not own any shares in the Company.


Ivan Liljeqvist

One of the host's most influential youtubers and founder of the web3 unicorn startup Moralis.

HODL Ownership: 50 000 shares

Stefan Rust

Ex. CEO, founder of Sonic Capital, Trusted Node & Hydro Labs Inc

HODL Ownership: 98 800 shares